10 Biggest Design Mistakes New Homeowners Make

When you own a house, you have the responsibility of turning it into a perfectly designed home. It may seem an intimidating task and to be honest, it is. You definitely wouldn’t want to go anything wrong with your home. Although you have a chance to rectify the mistakes later, it would cost you unnecessary money, time and effort.

Being in the field for many years now, we have come to know the common mistakes that new homeowners usually make. Here we have compiled those mistakes so that you feel comfortable enough to take the major design decisions for your home. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Poor Lighting.

Why is lighting important? Because lighting is what directs attention to the important design elements and brings necessary details to the surface.

Lighting in the room - Taskmasters

What new homeowners usually do is they pay very little attention to the spatial arrangement of lights. Consequently, the elements which could have improved the design of the room receive very little light and hence little attention. It is better to avoid this common mistake.

2. Exposed Wires and Outlets.

If there is anything that can harm the interior look of your house drastically, it is the exposed wires and outlets. They clutter the design and give a very bad look. Besides this, they also pose danger to the family members.

It is better to hire electrical services and fix the exposed wires if they are already there or avoid this mistake in the first place.

3. Disorganized Kitchen.

Disorganization is never appealing even in the homes. A kitchen is a place where everything needs to be organized for utility and for design as well. Most homeowners start out designing their kitchen without considering the spatial arrangements of various elements like sinks, storage spaces, islands, etc.

Kitchen - Taskmasters

You need to come up with a plan first and see how it looks on the virtual environment like computer software. Test various arrangements and see what looks good.

4. Not Hiring Designer from the start.

You need to hire a designer right from the start. This will enable her to come up with a cohesive design plan for your home. When you don’t hire a designer from the start, you then end up adding design details that are totally misaligned with the structural details of your home.

5. Making too many changes to the original design plan.

When you make lots of changes to your original design plan, you end up messing it. When designers make the plan, it is done by taking care of everything and the arrangement of structures is also taken into consideration. When you begin to make changes, you happen to distort the original arrangements of design elements and hence create a poor design. Therefore, avoid making too many changes to the original design plan.

6. Not going for variety

New homeowners tend to oversimplify things. Sometimes this is good but not always. Going for the furniture, walls, storage spaces of the same color doesn’t look good. Instead, you should try to mix things up. You can use different colors, furniture and storage spaces. This is good, particularly for living rooms.

7. Furniture of inappropriate sizes

This is the most subtle detail that we have noticed among all homeowners. Using furniture of inappropriate sizes is the most common mistake that people make. Always remember, you need to choose furniture size relative to the size of the room. If the furniture is too big for your room then it wouldn’t look good. Same goes for small size furniture.

furniture - Taskmasters

It is better the measure the dimensions of the room first and accordingly pick up the size of the furniture. You can use sophisticated tools to visualize how the furniture is going to fit in your room or you can contact us for help.

8. Poor arrangement of accessories

While not a severe mistake but this has a dramatic effect on the overall feel of the home. New homeowners usually have no idea how different accessories placed at different places are going to give a cohesive appealing look. And to be honest, it is somewhat difficult. But you can always shuffle their arrangements and see what works perfectly for you.

9. Complex backyard

Complex backyards are usually difficult to maintain and hence give a bad look. Try to have a simple and clean backyard without any unnecessary structures like birdhouses etc.

10. Too much storage space.

too much storage space - Taskmasters

Keep only as much storage space as needed. Having storage space without having anything to fill it with doesn’t look good especially if they are exposed in the living room. Therefore avoid having unnecessary storage space around your home.

These were the common design mistakes that new homeowners usually make. We hope you got the idea about what you have to do and what you don’t. For any further consultation regarding renovation and upgrade services in Dubai, contact us at Task Masters. Good Luck!

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