5 Home Designs You Will Fall in Love With

Home designs tend to oscillate back and forth. Whatever that is in trend may not be even considered forthcoming and vice versa. We at Taskmasters have a close watch on various decorating patterns, classic styles, and client requests so that we can help to update your home with confidence and ease. 


In 2018, we observed a rise in different home design patterns and styles ranging from Subway tiles, exposed lighting, and much more. 2019, provides an opportunity to leave behind what is dejected and embrace what is in demand. 


Here are some home design trends which our designers think are enough to make your home classy and opulent:


Concrete Accents: the Concrete look is the subtle yet profuse edge to your interiors. More of a matte look, it is an astounding way of creating a drab backdrop for nearly any design style like farmhouse, Hippie, modern, minimalist, to name a few. Concrete goes beautifully alongside with other design accents and committed to the trend. You can try this style with a wall, planters, slab in kitchen, fireplaces and far more the creative you think.

Concrete Accents


Vintage Lighting: As we talked earlier about the trend, these lights have made an immense comeback year after year. These are less exposed lightings and more of vintage sconces and decorations majorly in brass and copper finishes. 2019 will be a year where old lights will be at the forefront of home design trend.

Vintage Lighting


Burnt Yellow: In the year 2018, Yellow colour was an engaging focal point for home decor trends, which is followed in this year. The yellow colour is said to exude happiness, confidence, and cheer. You can use it in accents or statement pieces, and they are surely going to explode. 

Burnt yellow


Natural Elements: For generations, the natural and organic appeal of elements that make people calm, peace and above all are embraced into space. Natural ingredients bring an organic and tranquil ambience to any area. These elements are getting its way back to the interiors in the state as flowers, potted plants, succulents and much more.

Natural Elements


Artisanal Objects: Like customized items, interior designers have noticed that more of our clients are influenced to fixtures from local artist and small businesses. These objects are the best way to ensure that you can inject your personality to create unique environments.  The hand-crafted feel will better personalize your home and will help to create a comforting and inviting feel.

Artisanal Objects 


If you are contemplating to get your home renewed like these trendy designs and looking for an interior design company in Dubai, then Task Masters is precisely for you. Contact us and be assured of quality services. 

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