6 Awesome Carpentry Upgrades You Should Try Now.

Have you ever wondered what the important elements of the interior designing process are? No doubt that painting pattern and architecture of the home hold greater importance but there is one more important thing that we usually pay little attention to. These are the furniture items.

Furniture items are always fascinating that turn the interior space into a masterpiece. Wooden furniture items and upgrades are major design elements that establish a pleasing sense of order in the interior space.

It doesn’t matter if you have gone through the space planning phase, you still can make some awesome carpentry upgrades that will take the design of your home to the next level. To help you out, we have listed out some awesome carpentry upgrades that you can try for your home in Dubai. Read on and pick up the ones you like the most.

1. Niches under the stairs

Have you ever thought that even ordinary stairs of your house can be turned into stunning design statements? If you haven’t then let me tell you that it is completely possible.

Niches under the stairs - Taskmasters

All you are required to do is to ask your professional carpenter to add niches under the stairs. And populate the niches with creative decorating elements. No matter how your stairs are designed, there’s always some room to add niches. But it requires a professional. Consider getting help from expert carpentry services in Dubai.

2. Vertical planter.

When it comes to adding design to the walls, what do you usually do? Maybe you would apply some awesome painting pattern, or you would try hanging some picture frames against it. But there’s one more thing. You can set up a vertical planter against a wall to turn it into an amazing masterpiece.

Vertical Plantarium - Taskmasters Dubai

Vertical planters come with various designs and shapes. But, you can get yourself a custom made one that truly suits the design of the wall and the room. Whenever you ask your carpenter to make one for you, be creative with the designs. Remember you are as much creative as you think you are.

3. Room divider.

The room divider is one more carpentry upgrade that will complement the look of your room. Room dividers improve the decorative appeal of your house.

There are various types of room dividers available in the market. But wooden room divider has its own distinctive appeal that never goes out of trend. Portable room divider, particularly, is very advantageous since it gives you flexibility in case you want to move it to some other place.

Room divider

4. Headboard

Want to transform the look and feel of your bedroom? Then exploring some coolest headboard ideas would be a great thing. Headboard acts as a focal point and instantly changes the look of your bedroom.


The headboard is a crucial element for the bedrooms. While headboards may come in different shapes, sizes, and made up of different materials, we suggest going for wooden headboards. That would add a natural feel to your bedroom and make it peaceful.

5. Integrated design in the terrace.

Bringing in carpentry works in the design of the terrace is a great idea that you should try. This would turn your terrace into a design statement in itself.

Interior terrace designs - Taskmasters Dubai

Wooden terrace designs are becoming a new norm now. Adding various wooden structures like the roof, floor, benches etc to the terrace add to its charm and beauty.

6. Kitchen tables and benches

Kitchen tables and benches - Taskmasters

There’s no doubt that carpentry works can be done anywhere even if it is your kitchen. Besides cabinets, we can add tables and benches to the kitchen totally made up of wood.

While you can try regular table and bench designs, you can also try some other designs which are not only different but also give a whole new look to your kitchen. Consider getting expert carpentry services in Dubai. That will enable you to design it better by taking the overall look of the kitchen into consideration.

There are many kinds of carpentry upgrades you can try for your home but these were the best ones. If you have got your own ideas, please share with us in the comments below. For any further consultation contact us at Taskmasters. Also, don’t forget to check our carpentry services in Dubai.

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