5 Signs that tell you NEED Plumbing Services in Dubai

Plumbing Services in Dubai


Be it a villa, apartment or any commercial property, the effects of a leak can be detrimental & in many cases spoil the look on the walls, ceilings & cause the wooden fixtures to deteriorate in condition, needless to say, that the impact on the utility bills that can skyrocket.
Shifana Banday, [01.05.18 11:07]
A clear and effective drainage system reduces the risks of water blockage and damage to your home. There are many different plumbing problems that can spring up in an average home. This determines the need of a good plumber, however, some
plumbing service providers in Dubai are more common than others. That’s why it’s vital to know the warning signs of a blocked pipe or drain before it backs up or bursts. This calls for a need to contact a pro technician to repair it. If you don’t, it is going to cost you time and money on more serious damages. Here are some signals that you should put your plumber on speed dial:

1.  Leakage in the Pipe

The constant leakage of water is not only extremely annoying, but it wastes water and can drive up your utility bill if left unchecked. Leaky taps are a common plumbing problem in Dubai that most people have gone through. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone as 65% of the population in Dubai is facing the same issue.

These leaks happen most often from malfunctioning washers on the tap which on a good day will form a watertight seal. Over time they can dry out or become damaged, which causes the water to leak through.

While you can undertake the repair yourself, it can be difficult if you don’t have the proper tools and the right washers.

2.  Blockages of Drains

A blocked drain is high on the list of common plumbing problems. This occurs due to waste disposal and grease formation. Is there anything more frustrating than turning on a tap and quickly realizing that the water is not going where it should? There is never a good time to find out that you have blocked drains. This is the common plumbing problem with a number of causes.

Try calling your plumbing service provider in Dubai to clear the Blockage. It’s the best way and the plumber would be able to make a decision to use the effective harsh recommend chemicals that can clear the blocked pipe or drain in an effective way.

3.   Toilet keeps Overflowing

Toilets overflowing are more common than you think. If your toilet is overflowing, turn off your water supply. Find a replacement and use other facilities until someone is able to check out the problem for you. The water shutoff for most toilets is beneath the bowl at the back or on the left-hand side.

If your toilet started to flow immediately after a flush, you’re probably experiencing a blockage. Blocks in the toilet can be solved with a plunger because they dislodge whatever is stuck. If a few plunges don’t do the trick, stop and call a plumber — keeping at it can do some damage to your toilet and potentially to your piping as well. A good, professional plumber should arrive quickly to unclog it, determine the problem and help in preventing it from happening again.

4.  Low water pressure

When someone complains about the low water pressure it’s usually as a result of the sink faucet. The first thing to check is if the low water pressure is affecting both the hot and cold water supply. If both have a low water pressure then most likely the cause is an aerator. Waste deposits slowly build up in the faucet aerator and reduce the water pressure. A blocked aerator is a very easy to fix.

4. Slow Draining

If you notice your kitchen and bathroom sinks are taking a bit longer than usual to drain, it’s probably best to call in an expert to suss out the source of the block. Similarly, if your tub, sink, or toilet won’t drain after you attempt to use over-the-counter drain products or plungers, call a plumber. Trying too hard to release the block can lead to more pipe damage.


Request a Professional Plumber for Any Problem

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