Here Is What To See When Designing a Kitchen

Good food comes from a good kitchen. As we are slowly limping out of the Covid-19 trauma, we have started resuming our pending tasks. As far as the construction goes, we had to wait for many months before we could start shaping our dreams. 


luxury kitchen with counterIn this blog, we’ll particularly discuss the renovation of the most used place of the house, i.e. the kitchen. We all have a different and unique bond with the kitchen of our homes as we somehow end up spending a lot of time there exploring new cuisines and tastes. Whether you are a cooking freak or not, you still spend time there watching others cook and create magic.

As far as the design of the kitchen goes, it doesn’t have anything to do directly with the quality of food, but one would come up with better results if they are cooking in a space that’s well built and well organized. If you are planning to renovate your kitchen, here are some of the things you can do to get better results.

Keep A Good Counter Space : 

Whenever you think of constructing a new kitchen or renovating your old one, make sure that you keep a good counter space to do a lot of activities over it. 

Many people complain of not having ample counter space despite having huge kitchens. One of the easiest ways of fixing this problem for the future is to calculate beforehand the space you’d be needing to keep the appliances, and that’ll help you have a good amount of space vacant for other activities.

What we have usually seen is that we don’t follow the correct sequence. We construct a counter first and then start placing appliances over it and occupying the whole space.

Choosing a Good Backsplash :

Whenever you construct a kitchen, make sure that you keep the backsplash in your plan. People usually use tiles as a backsplash. Backsplashes are important in the kitchen because there is a lot of steam, water and grease there, and if the walls aren’t made moisture resistant, you’ll end up paying for it later. 

Unfortunately, most people don’t consider doing it at the time of construction and end up renovating the entire space within a couple of years, wasting many resources and efforts. Therefore, make sure that you install good quality, durable backsplash in your kitchen.

Lighting and Ventilation : 

Remember, whatever the design of your kitchen you choose, make sure to keep these two things on priority. a) Lighting b) Ventilation. These may seem very ordinary while designing a kitchen, but they are the most important factors for a good, healthy kitchen. 

You do not necessarily need big kitchens if your kitchen has good lighting and ventilation and serves the purpose of space and accessibility. Lighting is important not just for getting a good positive feeling but also because many sharp elements in your kitchen must be visible.

Also, when there is good lighting in the kitchen, you’ll be able to show off all the designs you have used there; else, they’ll remain there without getting noticed. Ventilation is important, and I suppose it is quite understandable why you should have good ventilation in your kitchen.

Choose The Kitchen Island Wisely : 

We all want to go with the trend when it comes to any construction, but we must also take care that different people have different requirements and carpet areas of their kitchen.

We must take care of our limitations and space utilization. Most people make a blunder while placing a kitchen island in their kitchen, and they either choose the wrong one or a very big one who ends up obstructing the pathways, becoming a mess day in and day out. Hence, the hack is to choose an island exactly according to your requirement and space available.

Make a Separate Trash Space :

An important part of cooking includes doing the dishes and managing the trash that comes out while we cook and after we eat. Make sure that you keep a separate space for collecting this trash which is easily accessible so that you can clean daily and avoid your kitchen from stinking.

Follow The Trend Wisely : 

Like I said before, we all want to follow the trends, but at the same time, we must be aware of the fact that trends aren’t everlasting. So, always choose a sustainable design that will be useful for a long time. The same goes with the color combinations.

Try using colors that’ll run for long and don’t just copy your friends and relatives. I’ll suggest using subtle colors over very vibrant ones.

The above mentioned are some of the factors you should keep in consideration while constructing a kitchen. You may use the design you want, but these points must be kept in consideration so that the kitchen is usable too and not just trendy. 

Also, renovating a kitchen isn’t something you’d do every year. Understand that while the construction is going on, you are the king. Once it is over, you can’t undo it. Be wise today and reap the benefits forever. Happy constructing! For any further information on Kitchen renovation contact us.

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