Stunning Open Floor Plans You Should Try

It’s no wonder why open house layouts make up the majority of today’s best-selling house plans! Whether you’re building a small house or a larger house, an open concept floor plan will maximize space and provide excellent flow from room to room. 

Here are some fresh open floor plans you need to look at:

1. Sleek and urban floor plan

sleek and urban floor plan - Taskmasters

With our hectic lives, coming home to anything less is nothing short of unacceptable. Sleek and urban floor plans are the definition of comfort. The homes are stylish and never sacrificing comfort for fashion while still maintaining a pleasing aesthetic. The floor panels are a warm color and relax the mind. The apartment is delightfully simple yet still glamorous. The bar-stools add depth to the kitchen island and gives an organic vibe.

2. A modern open floor plan

modern open floor plan - Taskmasters

Modern house plans are more specific, they personify the modern architecture which exhibits sleek lines, minimal details, a monochromatic color scheme, open floor plans, large windows, lots of natural light, and stylish outdoor living. A special element of this plan is the blend of modern with rustic touches from the roughhewn, oak front porch columns to the interior wide-planked floors. Modern house plans offer homeowners flexibility and up-to-date functionality and design.

3. Define spaces with furniture, rugs, and lighting

define lighting - Taskmasters

 Extra space is just one of the many benefits an open floor plan has. You can enlarge the rooms and have a fresher space to live in. Small spaces feel much smaller when they’re divided by walls that separate one living space from another. When the walls are removed and the rooms connect, the ambient drastically changes, becoming a more pleasant and comfortable environment to be in.

4. Natural lights

natural lighting - Taskmasters

 Let the light flow through the room by making the space more open. You won’t need any windows when you have a wide and bright space. Letting light come in from plenty of directions allows an increase in freshness and creates a feeling of free flow. This way lighting is no longer a problem, both financially and aesthetically.

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