5 Stunning Design Ideas for Tiles and Walls To Try In Dubai

What is it that makes our homes look stunning? What is it that makes staying in our homes a joyful experience? Well, there are a lot of things but the design of your home does play a big role in this.

The design of the walls and the tiles have a particularly greater effect on the overall appearance and feel of your home as they are spread across the length and breadth of the house.

So, this time we are going to explore the best possible designs of the tiles and walls that can go a long way in making your home look amazing. Pick up your favorite one as we go down the list of 5 stunning design ideas for tiles and walls to try in Dubai.

1. The Wooden finish.

Those in love with nature would find this attractive. Tiles with wooden finish have an unending appeal and charm. It is also a good option for those who can’t afford wooden flooring.

wooden finish tiles - Taskmasters Dubai

You can employ these kinds of tiles in living room, kitchen and even in the bathroom.

I am going to try it, are you?

2. Let’s try a metallic shade.

Metallic finish tiles in Dubai -

Metallic shade tiles with perfect lightning can give you bright and a lively house. Bright houses are known to lighten up your mood and make you happier.

There are different shades available in the market. And different colours too. So, you have the freedom to choose any shade and colour of your liking.

There are many companies available that can help you with the details and selection process. Reach out to any firm dealing with home renovation in Dubai if you feel the need.

3. Brick Tiles.

Brick tiles on wall - Taskmasters Dubai

This one is my favourite. Having a wall with brick tiles not only makes the whole design stand out but also gives a very sophisticated look to the wall.

Here is the tip: Try this in your reading room.

There are also various colours available like traditional red, dark blue, grey etc. I would recommend using grey colour as it suites most of the homes and would suit yours too.

This doesn’t cost as much as you think but make sure you hire a reputable interior design company in Dubai to do this as it requires professionalism and service of experts.

4. Floors filled with Art.

Why not try tiles with art? This is a great idea and something that is different yet beautiful.floor tiles with beautiful pattern - Taskmasters Dubai

You can try out numerous art patterns and designs.

When you look at those tiles with beautiful art inscribed on them, it will relax your mind and make you calm.  Different lines, shapes, marks are combined together to give a beautiful look and pattern with a definite rhythm.

5. Chevron

Chevron-type tiles never go out of fashion and hence are a default choice for many. It gives the room a classic look with a touch of minimalism.

We recommend using a light colour. Bright colours should be avoided as it doesn’t look good with it.

Chevron tiles with white shade, Taskmasters Dubai

Chevron-type tiles require a perfect balance between the design and colours. It should be implemented in a way that compliments the overall look of the room. This sounds a bit intimidating but don’t worry as there are many interior design companies in Dubai that can help you with this.

So, we went through the trending walls and tile designs. You can extend this list to include many more others as well. It only depends on your creativity. We hope you picked up your favourite one. If you need any further assistance then we, at Taskmasters, are always ready to help you. Feel free to contact us.

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