10 Trending Paint Colors for 2019

What is the major thing that sets the mood and the theme of home? It is, without any second thought, the paint! Every wall in your home deserves the best painting pattern. As with everything else, painting trends change with time. But the best thing is that paint is not permanent. You can mix up…

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7 Tips for Decorating Your First Home

tips for decorating first home - Task Masters, Dubai

Entering your first home gives you the best feeling you can have. The joy of having your own home is a feeling that straight comes out of heaven and you would surely agree with me on this. What follows next? Yeah, it is decorating your first home. This task is quite overwhelming for new homeowners…

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Things That Can Make Your Home Look More Elegant

You got to spend a lot of money to make your home look expensive and elegant! Not really, I am just kidding. What if I tell you that there are some sneaky ways and tricks that can make your home look more elegant? Not one or two, there are many such ways that can give…

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Top 5 Transformative Renovation Ideas for Your Villa!

Home renovation companies in Dubai

Transforming the look of your home is not always awesome, and it is definitely not awesome if you don’t have an experienced home renovations company in Dubai to walk you through every step! Internet is crowded with trending renovation ideas. Yet, we cannot leap to a decisive renovation look without having a background check. Or…

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Know Which False Ceiling Type is Perfect for Your Home.

Ceiling types by Task Masters, Dubai

False ceilings have gained an incredible amount of popularity in recent years. Their popularity is partly driven by the fact that they give a higher level of flexibility in terms of design, looks, and cost. When Task Masters’ renovation and upgrades team went to provide consultation and services to one of the clients, the homeowner…

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Top Flooring Trends You’d Fall in Love With

flooring trends by Taskmasters Dubai

Not only humans but designs evolve too. What was trending in 2017 may now be obsolete in 2019! This is a rapidly changing world and design taste of people change very quickly. Flooring trends are something which change very quickly but don’t worry as we, at Task Masters, are here to help you as we…

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Tips to Decorate Your Workspace at Home

Decorate your home workspace - by Taskmasters, Dubai

Warning: This post is not about those boring workspaces which are as unappealing as Monday morning feelings. Read this only if you love creativity as we do. Home offices are as much a part of the modern home as dining rooms. As the work from home culture continues to grow (we’re millennials, yeah), the demand…

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Design Your Home on These Awesome Themes!

Home themes compiled by Taskmasters

Going to your home is one of the most beautiful things ever. Home is where we rest our mind to disconnect from the world and connect with our own self. With the changing tastes and styles, anyone can feel the need to change the design of their homes, renovate, upgrade or even build a new…

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5 Swimming Pool Renovations for Enhanced Exterior Look

swimming pool renovations by Task Masters, Dubai

Is your backyard boring? Are you a little dissatisfied with your old swimming pool maybe because you had installed it years ago? Or maybe your installation budget was limited? Whatever be the reason, it’s possible to make some dramatic changes to your pool without even spending oodles of money, fortunately! Pools may be redone for…

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Great Lighting Ideas for Your Kitchen

awesome lighting ideas for kitchen compiled by Task Masters, Dubai

Lighting is the last thing we care about while renovating the kitchen because we, generally, underestimate its effect. While traditional run-of-the-mill lights could do well but there are more expressive ways of lights installation that would lift the mood and the design of your kitchen. The kitchen is no longer meant for cooking space only…

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