Top Ceiling Design Trends for 2019 to Spice up your Home!

2018 is coming to its end. While it must have been great for all of us, we all are looking forward to making to 2019 even better. We all are thinking about making some changes in our lives, relationships that tend to make them better and beautiful. But wait, what about our homes?

Our homes embrace us with all our emotions and it deserves our attention. While we have discussed renovation upgrades for the kitchen, bathroom and many more in our previous blogs, this time we have come up with some awesome ceiling design renovations that are going to be trendy in 2019.

With the dawn of the of the new year, your beautiful home deserves to be even more beautiful. So check out these top ceiling design trends for 2019.

1. Classy Octagons.

White and flat ceilings are boring now. It is time to add some freshness to the ceiling by employing these octagonal structures that are not only classy but are also quite trendy.octagonal ceiling structure - Taskmasters Dubai

It is not necessary that you restrict yourself to the octagonal structure, you can choose whatever structure you want as long as it looks good. This mostly looks better with white color. This ceiling design is going to add charm to your room.

2. Curved Design!

The world is moving to the curved designs. Curved ceiling designs are going to be a norm in 2019. Check out the below the curved ceiling designs to get some idea.

Curved ceiling design - Taskmasters Dubai

Curved ceiling design - Taskmasters Dubai

Curved designs look very sleek and classy. Hire some best renovation company in Dubai to do the job for you. You can employ curved designs where ever you want, be it kitchen, bedroom, living room or anything else.

3. Strips on the Fifth Wall.

For all of you who believe in change, you would love this one. If you don’t like ceilings with a simple solid color, then try the ceilings with strips.

Ceiling with strips - Taskmasters Dubai

Ceiling with strips design - Taskmasters Dubai

This requires the services of professional painters in Dubai. Hire the best ones if you want to employ this design.

4. Ceiling split by light.

This ceiling design is one of my favorites. It employs delicate work of artistry and renovation. This design can turn your room into a classier one.

ceiling split by Light design - Taskmasters, Dubai

Note that this design also requires skillful electrical services. To turn this into reality requires the blend of creativity, skills, and expert renovation services. But this all is worth it as it gives your room a new and a fresh look.

Ceiling split by light by Taskmasters-Dubai

5. Wood on the top.

Wooden work always looks good as it never goes out of fashion. We might have tried wooden work for the floor or maybe even the walls but in 2019, let us embrace it for the ceilings.

Wooden ceiling design - Taskmasters Dubai

There are numerous possible designs for the wooden ceilings; it all depends on the creativity of the renovation company in Dubai you’ve hired

Wooden ceiling design - Taskmasters Dubai

6. Brick and Stone.

This one is a bit different but it is somewhat more creative.

Brick ceiling design - Taskmasters Dubai

Employing brick design in the ceiling makes it look marvelous. This surely is going to highly trend in 2019.

Brick ceiling design - Taskmasters, Dubai

These are some of the best ceiling renovation ideas you can try in 2019. If you need any help then we, at Taskmasters, are ready to help as we are one of the top interior design companies in Dubai. Have any idea of your own? Then share it with us in the comments below.

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