How to get high quality remodel and kitchen renovation in Dubai?

Kitchen Renovation in Dubai

Kitchen Renovation in Dubai

The looks of a kitchen have changed a lot over the decades but it still remains the heart of the home. Decades ago, kitchens used to be in the back of the home where usually meals were prepared and dishes were washed but today kitchens have a very different role. A place where all gather at the start of the day and at the end of the day so it should be delightful enough to unload you from a heavy, stressful day.  More importantly, it is the place where most discussions and conversations happen, so it has to be the best from the rest.

If you have not renovated your kitchen lately, it is probably the time to plan. By renovating your kitchen, you can make a huge impact on your home without having to refurbish the entire space.

The kitchen renovation process although seems easy than many other projects but it is no simple task, particularly in a place like Dubai, where living standards are getting higher and higher each passing day. So in order to be in line with the high-quality kitchen standards, you will need to hire a contractor in Dubai.

Without further lingering, here are some tips that you can follow in order to get high-quality kitchen renovation in Dubai?

Do your homework in hiring the best in town

Perhaps the secret to finding the best kitchen renovation service provider in Dubai is to do your research. You can start by asking the owner at your local home improvement store as they have a lot of information about such companies. Once you get the data about the top contractors available you can look for their websites online. A website is like a digital storefront of a company, so look for the information available on their websites be it kitchen designs, quotes or the testimonials. Also, check the ratings in order to avoid hiring a company that has more negative comments than positive. Once you have narrowed your search to few companies it is time to call them for a personal consultation. Take your time in choosing out the best for you and never rush into options that you don’t desire.  With a little footwork, you can be sure of hiring the best kitchen renovation service provider that city has to offer. 

Plan, Explore and Decide

When we plan on renovating the kitchen, we sometimes make an image in our head of our new kitchen- about the layout probably? It is always advisable to plan it yourself or at least be a part of it. The plan includes design, layout, the time period of the entire work etc. You can visit the local stores to explore the designs, brands and the quality of the material. Compare the price with that of your contractor’s package.

Be careful! Take your time else you might be tricked.

Solicit advice to create your own original style

If you want to give your new kitchen design a personal touch then you can gather ideas from your friends, family or even relatives. This way you can get a number of good ideas that include designing, spacing and colour combination. To make sure that everything goes according to the plans, communicate clearly with your contractor about what you want it to look after renovations in order to avoid confusions later on.

Determine the scope of work.

Once you determine what you want, sit down and pen down the list of tasks that need to be completed. You can write it down in simpler terms like remove the flooring, install new cabinets, increase storage, remove sink and countertops, paint, install new lighting system etc. Convey the listed items to the contractors.

And yes you will get more ideas while you communicate with your contractor but you can always update that list.

Determine an actual budget.

Before you begin it is better to figure out your desired budget and also the wiggle room that you can afford if it goes over.  Probably the last thing that you want is to go way over your expected budget but sometimes it is unavoidable.

Communicate this your service provider so that everyone is clear- about will happen if, for example, he finds a faulty beam that needs to be changed.

The right time to execute the plan

If you are looking to save some bucks on your kitchen renovation in Dubai, then the right time to execute your plans is the season when not everybody gets to renovate their spaces. In the peak season, the demand for contractors, architects, and materials is high thus, its cost is also high. So it is better to renovate your kitchen when demand is low.

Choose materials prudently

The quality of the material should always be paramount when it comes to remodelling your kitchen.  However, there are materials sold with discounts (usually in off season) and still have a good quality. More importantly, the material should be of the great quality otherwise the resale value will depreciate when you decide to sell the property.


Nowadays, the kitchen is considered to be the focal point of the house. Thus it needs to be beautiful, modern, cosy, updated, hygienic and attractive.

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