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10 Biggest Design Mistakes New Homeowners Make

common design mistakes - Taskmasters

When you own a house, you have the responsibility of turning it into a perfectly designed home. It may seem an intimidating task and to be honest, it is. You definitely wouldn’t want to go anything wrong with your home. Although you have a chance to rectify the mistakes later, it would cost you unnecessary…

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Know Which False Ceiling Type is Perfect for Your Home.

Ceiling types by Task Masters, Dubai

False ceilings have gained an incredible amount of popularity in recent years. Their popularity is partly driven by the fact that they give a higher level of flexibility in terms of design, looks, and cost. When Task Masters’ renovation and upgrades team went to provide consultation and services to one of the clients, the homeowner…

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Top Flooring Trends You’d Fall in Love With

flooring trends by Taskmasters Dubai

Not only humans but designs evolve too. What was trending in 2017 may now be obsolete in 2019! This is a rapidly changing world and design taste of people change very quickly. Flooring trends are something which change very quickly but don’t worry as we, at Task Masters, are here to help you as we…

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Tips to Decorate Your Workspace at Home

Decorate your home workspace - by Taskmasters, Dubai

Warning: This post is not about those boring workspaces which are as unappealing as Monday morning feelings. Read this only if you love creativity as we do. Home offices are as much a part of the modern home as dining rooms. As the work from home culture continues to grow (we’re millennials, yeah), the demand…

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Great Lighting Ideas for Your Kitchen

awesome lighting ideas for kitchen compiled by Task Masters, Dubai

Lighting is the last thing we care about while renovating the kitchen because we, generally, underestimate its effect. While traditional run-of-the-mill lights could do well but there are more expressive ways of lights installation that would lift the mood and the design of your kitchen. The kitchen is no longer meant for cooking space only…

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6 Awesome Staircase Upgrades to Try in 2019!

Staircase Upgrades for 2019 compiled by Task Masters, Dubai

Want to make a great first impression of your home to the visitors? Then upgrade the staircase! Stairs are the prominent structural highlight and, therefore, the way they look is important. This is 2019 and the world is already done with conventional and boring staircase designs. It is time to jazz up your space by…

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Stunning Dining Room Remodel Design Ideas

dining room design ideas by Taskmasters Technical Services LLC

The dining room is a perfect place to indulge in memorable moments with family and friends. From the daily dinner time to joyful family gatherings and occasional lavish dinner parties, there’s so much that we do in the dining room. Therefore, it is obvious that the interior design of the dining room should match its…

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Here Is How You Can Renovate Your Kid’s Room!

Toddler room renovation by Taskmasters Technical Services LLC, Dubai

If you are reading this then probably you are a parent and have decided to renovate your tiny tot’s room, right? Renovating your little one’s room is pretty much simple. Just read the following advice and that’s it. Blue for boys and pink for girls; Not so hard, yeah? Well, it isn’t as simple as…

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Awesome Bedroom Renovation Ideas!

Bedroom renovation Ideas compiled by taskmasters

If I ask you about the room which is closest to you in your home then without thinking much, you would say it is the bedroom. And why shouldn’t it be since we spend most of our time in our bedrooms? The design and the theme of the bedroom have a potential effect on your…

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6 Living Room Renovation & Remodel Ideas

Living room renovation Ideas by Task Masters, Dubai

What’s that part of our house which has a multitude of functions to fulfill? Without any second thought, we say it is a living room. It is the living room which garners most of the attention of our guests. Besides this, we spend most of our time in the living room watching television, playing games,…

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